Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What happens when hot women (or men) get ugly?

Yes, it happens. Where does the hotness go? Is it simply *gone*? Or is it just hiding? Would a mere mental trick, an imagining, on behalf of the partner suffice to bring it back? Cannot men benefit from always imagining their wives or girlfriends as the age at which they first met?

Was the hotness in any case just anticipation, or perhaps just memory?

Is there an arbitrage opportunity to be had by tracking down the formerly-hot-now-ugly?

Or, does self-confidence vanish with the looks, and the hotness is gone forever.

I believe that most people, at least men, are overvaluing the anticipation. Tracking should start.

Are the truly hot people actually about fifty years old?

Let me know.


Crampton said...

Hmm. Most people would say that the better arbitrage play would be to lock into a partner rising in hotness; two years from now, she'll be out of your league, but if you lock in now, you'll be ok.

Have to be rather careful on the self-confidence measure. At least some of the formerly-hot are so self-confident that they continue to wear styles that would have suited them rather well 100 pounds ago. I'd assume that you're not including that set...

Sameer said...

Crampton-- how, exactly, does one "lock-in"? Two years from now if she's out of your league, then she'll be in the wind quicker than you can say comparative advantage.

I think Tyler is right that one can easily remember how the formerly hot looked. I have an old friend who is no-longer-hot, but when I look in her eyes, I can see the hotness that used to be there. Perhaps it is not possible to extend that memory to situations where you're seeing the other person naked, but I would guess that it does.