Monday, April 23, 2007

The Cylons

The Skin Jobs, I mean. They are so needy. So believing. So desiring of God and religion. Of course they were created by The Toasters, who in turn were created by humans. (How far up does the chain in fact extend? How many intermediaries stand between the humans and "the real God"?) Knowing their creation doesn't seem to influence their theology one bit. They are monotheists, with a totally constructed mythology. One point of the show is that created beings cannot help but be irrational, cannot help but be needy, cannot help but want to believe. Even the Cylons. The Skin Jobs. In part the show is about what it means to be a created being.

What do the Skin Jobs maximize? It is far from obvious. They are so deeply, deeply imperfect in this gnostic world. They are among TV's best creations, which is saying something.

Sharon is now my favorite character on the show. Does every created being rebel against its creator(s)? Will the Skin Jobs rebel in full against The Toasters?

Will modern humans -- as found on Earth -- turn out to be descendents of the Cylons? (What would that say about us, yet one step down in this chain of creation?) Then what sort of creatures are Adama, Roslyn, and the others?


Lucas said...

I think you got some of your BG trivia wrong. In one episode, Sharon said that the "toasters" (or Cylon robotic soldiers) are not self-aware. They were created by the self-aware cylons (presumably by the precursors of the skin jobs), and made in such a way that they couldn't rebel against their creators. They haven't outlined the relationship between the skinjobs and the cylons that came before, though the cylons are not aware what that relationship is.

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