Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Put new Krugman captions here, in the comments

Yes. here. Beat Justin Wolfers!


Michael said...

Mr. Krugman's laugh conveys a rich mixture of sheepishness, relief and amazement as Mr. Bush informs him that Bush's entire "presidency" was in fact an elaborate ruse designed to teach Krugman lessons in anger management.

DMH said...

Hey, Kruggie Man, did you hear the one about the neocon, the economist and the rabbi?

Nick said...

Bush: "And here I thought Keynesian was just another word I made up like strategery. Then you go and prove me wrong by winning that Nobel prize thingy."

Krugman: "Man, I could really go for a cheese steak."

Anonymous said...

"It's amazing what a guy can achieve with an academic beard to strain his word hole of ill-formed thought."

Renato C. Drumond said...

"Next time you think about the State doing something, think about me doing that".

Russell said...

Krugman considers "How will I explain this to the DailyKos"

Bush "How will I explain this to the Pres...I mean Dick"

Robert Olson said...

If you choose not to look at my awesome poster:
"Politics: warning: pundits in newspaper may be closer than they appear

PrestoPundit said...

Bush: "Don't laugh. The fact the you could win a Nobel Prize in Economics makes it reasonable that I could win a Nobel Prize in Peace."

PrestoPundit said...

Bush: "Yeh, you're right on that, it is fun b*llcr*pping the readers to the NY Times."

PrestoPundit said...

Bush: "I pretend to be stupid. What's your excuse?"

PrestoPundit said...

Bush: "8 years of peddle to the metal Keynesian 'stimulus' and now you say 'sucker'. Wow, I love that joke."

PrestoPundit said...

Bush: "What would be really funny is if Obama slapped a Carter era tax on your Nobel Prize booty."

Thijs said...

So, professor, you gave your best years to trade theory. And in return: a visit with me.

Darko Svitek said...

"We have a saying in Texas. Liquidity trap me once, shame on me... you don't get fooled again."

Francisco Aboim said...

Bush: You aren´t wearing tan socks are you?
Paul: ??

josh said...

Bush: Then the doctor says, "OK, now it's MY turn to cough! Get it?

Anonymous said...

Job well done, Kruggie.


Nick said...

President Bush shares a laugh with treasury secretary Paul Krugman, after the two were greeted by the news that the Dow Jones industrial average had broken the 32,000 point barrier for the first time ever, just before the markets closed on Monday.

MikeP said...

"This liquidity trap sure is cold!"
"Yeah... and deep!"

Michael said...

"I know a new guy is going to be in charge, but would you mind if I still blamed you?"

DRDR said...

"My winning theory can explain why all nations still export their own products of cronyism, even though the U.S. for eight years has had the world's largest endowment of it."

Sprizouse said...

You were right Krugsy, those stupid Austrians do hate hawkish GOP Presidents! The Skull & Bones plan you launched at Yale worked perfectly!

Edwin said...

krugman talk balloon : who's laughing now?!

bush thought balloon : yeah, let's see who's laughing when you find out I had your cats shipped to guantanamo...

David J. Balan said...

I could punch him in the nads before anyone could stop me!

Joseph Lawler said...

"Oh no, what am I doing? This handshake with the locus of all ineptitude is really going to prey on my conscience of a liberal."

DPS said...

"On second thought, the President realized, gay marriage didn't seem like such a bad idea."

Plaxico said...

Forbidden Love

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