Monday, March 29, 2010

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Yup, right here. By the way, I recall driving across the Gibraltar runway. It was a strange feeling.


Nick said...

More "thumb piano" music for your listening pleasure. This is a free and legal download:

E. Barandiaran said...

To introduce the VAT in USA, each state will have to replace its sale tax by VAT. In addition to strengthen federalism, the reform must reduce the transfers from the federal government to the state. It may be the only way for California and other states to get out of their fiscal crises. I strongly recommend to consult with the people that introduce Chile's VAT in 1975.

Don said...

Before starting to write novels, I was working on an annotated edition of the Koran. One of my Talmud teachers, Daniel Boyarin, suggested that I do it for free on line. I actually considered that, but decided to try writing a novel instead, since I'd always wanted to do so and it held the slight chance of being remunerated.

For example, and this will be hard using the keys I have available, the first sentence of the Sura The Cow" begins"
thalika-lkitabu, la raiba fihi...

Thalika is the far demonstrative Mas Sing ( See Thackston p. 49 ) Some grammarians say this word is a mispronunciation of another word, and some say that it means the farther of two far objects. It's actually a compound word, which I'm going to pass over.

lkitabu is the def art plus the word for book. It's the word for book in several Sem languages. The u is the case ending, mas sing nom.

la is the negative particle. It's lo in Heb, etc. Here, followed by an indef noun with a defin acc, it means total negation.

raiba means doubt or dispute. In BH, it's riv, meaning dispute, quarrel.

fihi is fi, an attached enclitic pronoun, hi is the 3rd person enclitic. Fi = in, hi = it.

My rough trans:

That book... there is NO dispute in it.

My interpretation:

It is referring to the Torah. It is saying that the disputes on the meaning of the Torah among Jews are not because of the text. It's because some, but not all, Jews, misread it. Indeed, Islam is related to one Jewish sect.

In Islam, "that book" is taken to mean the Koran. As I read it, the nearer texts would be Christian, the father texts Jewish.

Anyway, although I've had to cut quite a bit out, even in understanding this one sentence, I hope I've passed on how wonderful it is to study texts in the original, and that translations of the Koran should be handled with care.

Don the libertarian Democrat

Anonymous said...

The VAT article is pretty terrible. Most of those features are not intrinsic to the VAT, and the rest are pretty easily mitigated.

longge said...

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Anonymous said...

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