Friday, June 15, 2007


That's for you. For my loyal MR readers. And others too.


Many thanks for pre-ordering my book. It is much appreciated. I also hope that the revenue will help me continue my career as an independent, unpaid blogger.

Blogging is what I want to do, otherwise I would not have written this secret blog.

Secret of course means secret, remember what Aristotle wrote? Please do not pass along the site information or otherwise clue people in. Not even if they have told you they will buy the book. They need to email me and tell me they *have* bought the book.

Thanks, and happy reading!


Daniel Klein said...

What about spouses?

Sameer said...

See it would have been cool if you told people to post links to your secret blog without revealing that it was your secret blog. But now that you have revealed yourself on the blog itself, it is too late.

That could perhaps have been a good way to drive traffic to the secret blog, while keeping it secret. Thus the conundrum you described earlier at MR, of how to drive traffic to a secret blog, would have been solved.

Carl Marks said...

You may wish to post the rules for reading in your blog description. This would place them under the title of the blog for easy viewing by newcomers.

Bill and Jessica said...

I'd have to agree with Sameer, but it's nice to be here.

bbblaker said...

You had better warn people away from quoting this blog directly. It only takes a quick search to find the actual blog with text to work with.

Here is one offender:

Sameer said...

As the "guilty party" I take exception to your comment. Before making that comment I specifically checked to make sure a search on the text would not result in a link to this blog. Even now, searches on google, dogpile, and yahoo return only my blog, not any others. Have you found a search engine that actually links here? As I understand it, if no one links to this blog, it won't get connected to a search engine. Thus it can stay secret.

Anonymous said...

I found this blog by searching the creative destruction quote. I searched on yahoo for a couple short but unlikely phrases and found it. (I did pre-order though.)

Anonymous said...

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